Dear Members,

First of all, FX Live Show welcomes you and congratulations for been part of a board member. you have joined and are keen to start make some money.

The forum is a very useful resource if used correctly, and for the sake of all users new and old we need to outline some of the guidelines for use.

Our Forum main target is to help Forex Traders with our Free Daily / Weekly Analysis.

The best starting point for Forex Traders is the Daily Analysis or Forex Trading Station itself. As a new member you must watch our daily or weekly analysis in that particular category and understand how we analyze market and give setups. If you have any doubts or queries on your charts, you can discuss with other members with the help of your chart setups.

We request all members please do not depend 100% completely with other members or our admin analysis. We give analysis for market / momentum ideas and not encourage to trade with our setups.

The forum is broken up into several areas, and become familiar with the threads that are in each and make sure that you post in the appropriate thread.

Here at FX Live Show we give trade ideas using simple plain charts without any indicators. We recommend every members to follow trend and setups with higher time frames (H4, D1 & W1) without any fancy indicators. We highly recommend to follow Resistance and Support levels along with Price Action for better trading. Indicators follow the Trend but Trend will not follow any Indicators.